Bonus Offer - Refer Swagman Solutions and Earn money $'s

Referral Bonus Offer, we'll give you $'s for every successful referral...!

we will Give You 10% * of sale as a thank you

if you refer Swagman Solutions to a friend or business, or a not for profit organisation,

and they purchase a website from us you get paid 10% * of the sale...!

example payments *:

  • if a website purchased for $4500 ex  ...  you get $450
  • if a website purchased for $3600 ex  ...  you get $360
  • if a website purchased for $2700 ex  ...  you get $270

terms and conditions

Firstly, it is in our interest that we maintain an ongoing happy relationship with our new website business referrers, so please ask us if you have any questions.

Upon a new websites sale we enquire with our new website customer how they heard about us, and if via someone referring them then we'll aim to contact that nominated person, so referral payment can be paid.

Referral bonus payable within 3 weeks after new website being completed and published online.

Method of paying referral bonus is by way of a PayNGo Visa Debit card,
or as otherwise approved by us with you.

Maximum of only one referral payment per new website customer.

Acknowledgement of all referrals needs to be given by the new website customer, and,

Final discretion for new website customer referral payments remains with Swagman Solutions.

And hey, we aim to be fair and keep our referring partners happy with referral payments,
so be kindly appreciated if you are fair with us too...

These terms n conditions may change from time to time.

Please contact us if you would like to know more...!

our contact us page...

Swagman Solutions prior experience with WordPress sites

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