Data Centre Specifications


Our hosting services are provided on modern carrier class, environmentally stable, and is located in a secure Data Centre. The facility is centrally situated within a significant communications infrastructure building.

This gives Swagman Solutions direct access to many telecommunications companies and provides us with immediate access and lower provisioning costs.

Major communications carriers either have services delivered to customers or have infrastructure within the same building, and it is the primary hub for Primus telecom and Optus. Carriers also located at this site with communication infrastructure include Telstra, AAPT, AMCOM, PowerTel and Pipe Networks.

Our excellent location and facilities makes our Data Centre the ideal location for the provision of high quality hosting services.

Data Centre

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Data Centre Networking
Data Centre Power
Data Centre Cabling


  • Carrier-class secure telehousing facility
  • Clean - regularly cleaned by professional data centre cleaning specialists
  • Safe - emergency response signs and first aid kit supplied to comply with Health and Safety legislation
  • Independent air conditioning systems - regularly serviced by manufacturers endorsed specialist
  • Temperature maintained at a constant level
  • Monitored temperature and humidity
  • Redundant air conditioning system - in case of failure of main system
  • Underfloor wiring in functionally isolated cable trays
  • Fire, heat, water vibration detection
  • High strength communication grade rack cabinets - 900mm deep
  • All cabling performed by ACA approved engineers
  • Portable monitor/keyboard/mouse station for customer use
  • Filtered power supply
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - regularly serviced by manufacturers endorsed specialist
  • Diesel generator power - in the event of major mains outage - regularly serviced by manufacturers endorsed specialist
  • Redundant power for air conditioning, security system, access control and computer room lighting via diesel generator

Physical Security

  • 24x7 Access available
  • 24x7 Site security and fire monitoring
  • Controlled secure after hours access to building
  • Security camera system including infrared ability
  • Monitored access and offsite logging of site access
  • All access to critical services and power management physically restricted to authorised staff
  • Per rack lockable


  • Bandwidth of greater than 200 Mb/s
  • Ethernet connection speed of a full 100Mb/s
  • 100baseT full duplex network ports
  • 48 V DC power available on request
  • Redundant network link
  • Secure network segment

Server Information

  • Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.5GHz
  • 2Gb System RAM
  • 250GB NAS Storage
  • CentOS 5 x86_64

Server Security

  • An intrusion detection system installed on the hosting server
  • User data, (your websites files & database etc), are backed up off the server to another server daily and weekly
  • Overnight, home directories are synchronised to an online live system outside the data centre